Kanniya Hot Water Wells at Trincomalee (කන්නියා උනු වතුර ලිං)

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Kanniya Hot Water wells has now become a popular attraction for those who visit Trincomalee now that the LTTE Terrorists which controlled this area has been completely wiped out. There are 7 hot springs now converted to bathing wells. The temperature of each is slightly different from each other. It is also believed the water from the wells have therapeutic healing powers and can cure many aliments.

According to the notice board put by the Pradeshiya Saba at the wells, this well goes back to the times of King Ravana who ruled the country over 5000 years ago. But now it has been accepted that these wells belonged to an great Buddhist monastery which span vast area. Ealamisation of the North and East has destroyed the most of the Buddhist remains in these areas and only few has escaped the wrath of the Eelamists who have taken up to the task of erasing all signs of ancient Buddhist civilization in these areas for the last 30-40 years.

The notice board was was put up by the Pradeshiya Saba describing the Ravana connection after the liberation of the area from the LTTE. The Buddhist connections were then suppressed and it was managed by neighboring Mari Amman Kovil, who were given the lease of the wells. This article gives photographic proof of how a foundation of a new kovil is built burying a foundation of a stupa.

Luckily, the archeological department has now taken ownership of this land and correct history of these wells are now displayed for the public.

According to this information, these wells were probably a part of a pond complex used by Buddhist monks  of Velgam Vehera Monastery and a  large number of remains of Buddhist building has been recovered around these wells.

After the area was liberated by the Security forces these wells are packed with local pilgrims even on weekdays. It was reported in August 2010 that the usage of this well is so much that the wells which is full in the morning goes dry by afternoon.

Primary source : Gihan Indragupha and Rathindra Kuruwitta
The Nation, February 04th, 2007

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Route from Colombo Kanniya Hot Water Wells at Trincomalee Route from Trincomalee Town toiKanniya Hot Water Wells at Trincomalee
Through : Ambepussa – Kurunegala – Dambulla – Habarana
Distance :266 km
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