Marakkala Ella Falls (Kaluwala Ella) – මරක්කල ඇල්ල (කලුවල ඇල්ල)

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Marakkala Ella Falls (Kaluwala Ella)
Marakkala Ella Falls (Kaluwala Ella) – photo by Ashan Geeganage
Height :8 meters
District :Ratnapura

The 8m Marakkala Ella Falls is served by the Ringama Pola stream, beginning in the Heltikande Mountain and flowing through the Narangoda and Bulethwatte mountains. On its journey the stream irrigates the agricultural land of the Narangoda village, and meets the Devaaka River that flows past the eastern side of Rankotha Vihare (temple).

Animal life such as porcupines, and tree life including kekuna (Canarium zeylanicum) and pelewala surround the fall. The fall is said to derive its name when a Moor youth of Marakkala nationality came to fish the pool. Being drunk and sleepy, he foolishly tied his rod to his foot, and was dragged into the water and drowned by a large eel. Local villagers say that a whirlpool at a nearby place called Kaluwala continues to drown people even to this day.


The fall is located in the Ratnapura District, Pellmadulla area. Turn left at the Rankotha Vihare and the fall can be reached after 1km, near Narangoda village.

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Map of Marakkala Ella Falls ((Kaluwala Ella)

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Travel Directions to Marakkala Ella Falls ((Kaluwala Ella)

“We got a trishaw and continued towards Pelmadulla until we reached a 3way junction (2 km) before Pelmadulla on Kuttupitiya road from here onwards it was a 3Km journey towards Marakkala Ella. Marakkala falls also can be reached from Gangama junction (on the highway). After traveling along the Madurappuli kanda road (from the 3way junction) towards Narangoda we reached a rubber factory and at last a Hindu kovil. From here onwards it’s about a 1km walk towards the fall.” by Ashan Geeganage

Route from Colombo to Pelmadulla

Though : Panadura – Horana – Ratnapura
Distance : 105 km
Travel time : 2.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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