Nellikulama Siri Sambuddha Panchasathika Charikaramaya (Pilima Pansala) – නෙල්ලිකුලම සිරිසම්බුද්ධ පංචසතික ශ්‍රාවක චාරිකාරාමය

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Nellikulama Siri Sambuddha Panchasathika Charikaramaya or Pilima Pansala for short is an temple built in 2006 in the remote village of Nellikulama close to Anuradhapura. The temple spread over 10 acres of land, was built with 500 life size statues of bhikkus following the Buddha. The statues each different to one another, represent Buddha and 500 followers traveling across cities to share the  Buddhist philosophy.

The temple which opened up with the 500 statues has now expanded to areas depicting various life events of Buddha. Although this temple has no historical value, due to its novelty  it has become a popular destination for pilgrims to Anuradhapura.

This temple which started with the 500 life size statues, now consists of a another large struture of statues of bikkus climbing down a massive mountain, representing the Buddha’s visit to Sri Pada. The mountain is hollow; with caves with more statues different Buddhist stories.

The temple can be reached by taking the road to Thanthirimale (Arippu Road) from Anuradhapura. The temple lies right by this road about 4.5 km away down this road.

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Travel Directions to Nellikulama Siri Sambuddha Panchasathika Charikaramaya

Route from Anuradhapura up to Nellikulama Siri Sambuddha Panchasathika Charikaramaya

Distance : 12  km
Travel time : 20  mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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