Nelumpath Pokuna Ruins in Yala (යාළ නෙළුම්පත් පොකුණ නටඹුන්)

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The villages of Kumana and Panama, once part of a ancient flourishing civilization, today is a think jungle teeming with wildlife. Yala National Park as known today is home to a large number of sites of ruins scattered on various rocky outcrops throughout the jungle.

In the upper valleys of Kumbukkan Oya and inside the thick jungle belonging to the Ampara District, stands a one of these rocky outcrops close to pond knowns as Nelumpath Pokuna. On the rock are a few stupas, now vandalised and destroyed by treasure hunters and some other ruins such as stone pillars, foundations and brick walls.

The two natural stone ponds, supply water to the wild animals throughout the year, even in the drought seasons. An inscription of Kanittha Tissa (167—186) at Nelumpath Pokuna, gives the ancient name of the site as Gosagala Mahavihara and grants to it shares in water-revenues at Mahanakaraka, presumably Anuradhapura.

This site lies about 3 km passing Bambaragasthalawa Ruins over a rough four wheel trail.

List of Archaeological Sites inside Yala and Kumana National Parks

  1. Akasa Chethiya
  2. Athurumithurugala (see map below)
  3. Athurumituruwewa
  4. Bambaragastalawa
  5. Bembawa
  6. Bowattegala
  7. Brahmanatota
  8. Dematagala
  9. Dikkandanegala
  10. Divulanagoda (Veheradivulana)
  11. Gonagala
  12. Goyankola Mayagala
  13. Handuneruwa
  14. Iriyapola 
  15. Kanabiso Galge
  16. Katupila (see map below)
  17. Katupila Mankada (see map below)
  18. Kiripokunahela
  19. Mahakiriwedumagala
  20. Kongala


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Map of Nelumpath Pokuna Ruins in Yala

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The map above also shows other places of interest within a approximately 20 km radius of the current site. Click on any of the markers and the info box to take you to information of these sites

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Travel Directions to Nelumpath Pokuna Ruins in Yala

The park can be reached through Southern Highway. It is 275 kilometers away (shortest path through Ratnapura avoiding the Highway but travel time is longer) from Colombo.

Route from Colombo to Yala National Park  (Ruhuna) EntranceRoute from Kataragama to Yala National Park  (Ruhuna) Entrance
Through : Southern Highway – Mattala – Tissamaharama – Kirinda
Distance : 275 km
Travel time : 4.30 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through Tissamaharama – Kirinda
Distance : 40 km
Travel time : 45 minutes.
Driving directions : see on google map


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