Olu Ella Falls – ඕලු ඇල්ල

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Height :127 meters
District :Kegalle

Olu Ella is the 6th tallest waterfall in the country and the tallest in the Kegalle District. This is also the highest waterfall in connected to the Kelani River.

The source of the waterfall is Wee Oya originating from the 1200 meter Baranawa mountain which later connects to Welihel Oya in the Parusella area and then on to the Kelani River at Yatiyanthota.

The waterfall is 18 meters wide, 127 meters tall and falls in 4 segments. Counting the part of the waterfall below the bridge, the fall is measured as 200 meters in height. Even though you can drive up to this majestic waterfall without any walking, this has eluded the casual traveler due to its remote location. Therefore this is one waterfall which has not turned in to a garbage dump of the tourists yet.

The waterfall is bisected by the road which goes to Seepoth. An ancient wooden bridge lies across the Wee Oya. This wooden bridge has been made during the colonial era to transport tea leaves and it is said be the oldest wooden bridge in use in the country today.

The Lanka Council of Waterfalls who have identified and listed down 382 waterfalls in the country has listed this waterfall under Galle District by mistake. This mistake is now duplicated on hundreds of web sites across the Internet. Kegalle and Galle are completely two different districts and don’t plan to visit Olu Falls during your next visit to Galle.

The list of waterfalls lying on the Yatiyanthota – Seepoth road is as follows

  1. Wee Oya Ella Falls
  2. Malalpola Ella Falls
  3. Kitul Ella Falls
  4. Punugala Ella Falls
  5. Gorok Ella Falls
  6. Katuwel Ella Falls
  7. Olu Ella Falls

In addition there are number waterfalls without names on this route.

All the waterfalls lying on the Warawala – Bulathkohupitiya – Dolosbage – Nawalapitiya route
  1. Punahela Suramba Falls
  2. Dummala Falls
  3. Kalupahana Falls
  4. Rikilla Falls
  5. Nalagana Falls
  6. Rukmal Falls
  7. Devagiri Falls
  8. Kelvin Falls
  9. Windsor Forest Falls
  10. Diyatiri Falls

All the waterfalls lying on the Warawala - Bulathkohupitiya - Dolosbage - Nawalapitiya route

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Map of Olu Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Olu Ella Falls

The fall lies 12 km from the Yatiyantota town on the Seepoth Road

Route from Kegalle to Olu Ella Fall

Route from Avissawella to Olu Ella Fall

Through : Moronthota – Alawatura – Bulathkohupitiya – Parussella
Distance : 45 km
Travel time : 1.15 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Dehiowita – Karawanella – Yatiyantota – Punugala – Amanwala
Distance : 35 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map

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