Sandakebella Thapowanaya Aranya Senasanaya Ruins (මොනරාගල සඳකැබැල්ල තපෝවනය ආරණ්‍යය සේනාසනය)

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As you travel on the Ampara road from Moaragala through Siyambalanduwa just before Govinda Hela Rocks (Westminister Abbey)  there is a road to the left which goes around the Kandakebellegoda rocks. There are ancient temples on this road. The first one you will find is the Sandakebella Aranya Senasanaya, a functioning hermitage of meditating buddhist monks.

After walking about 500m from the name board one can reach this temple. There is a flight of steps which leads to the rocky plateau at the top where you will find a newly built stupa. The site is scattered with clues of its antiquity. To get to this place one need to take a foot path which starts at the left hand side towards the north from the rock with the stupa and travel about 750m’s towards Kandakebellegoda rock.

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Map of Sandakebella Aranya Senasanaya Ruins

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Travel Directions to Sandakebella Aranya Senasanaya Ruins

Route from Siyambalanduwa Junction to  Sandakebella Aranya Senasanaya Ruins
Through :
Distance : 11.5   km
Travel time : 15 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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