Wadakada Ella Falls – කුරුණෑගල වදාකඩ ඇල්ල

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Wadakada Ella Waterfall - The only waterfall in the Kurunegala District
Wadakada Ella Waterfall – The only waterfall in the Kurunegala District
Height :6 meters
District :Kurunegala

Wadakada Falls is one of Sri Lanka’s artificial falls (the others are also located in the Kurungala District). The streams from Ginnerriya, Endagalla and Udapola meet at Wadakada village, creating the 6m fall. The flow is perennial and during the rainy season, the water level reaches the road, when hoards of people gather to bathe here. It flows between the Paraigala and Handugala Mountains and cascades in three segments.

The surrounding woodland is home to diverse species of wildlife, including jungle fowl, leopard, fox and sambur. There is also a wide variety of flora: gal siyambala (Dialium ouoideum), ehaetu (Ficus religiosa), jack (Artocarpus heterophyllum), bobi and fern (Pus). The fall is steeped in folklore, many tales revolving around the many kings that lived within its vicinity. One story has it that the queens of King Walagamba, of Udapola Kande, bathed here. They arrived by chariot along the road that runs through a valley between Uda Kande and Ethgl Kande, which is still in fairly good condition.

A provincial king called Edirimahasuriya built a palace near the fall, called ‘Malagatenne’ and again, the royal household bathed here. King Sapumal is also said to have resided here.

The large Udapola Devalaya (temple) at Paraiagala, also known as ‘Sapumal Bandara Devalaya’, is linked to the fall by a tunnel and the water reaches the temple, according to folklore. It is also believed that a snake slithers its way along the tunnel and surfaces in the fall, in order to visit a golden vessel floating in the water. Other stories also refer to a golden bed hidden here.

A well-known poet and journalist, Wadakada Navaratne lives in the Wadakade village. It was also the home of a poet who penned a number of pastoral poems – his daughter told the fall’s researcher, Daya Jones, how enamoured her father was with the fall.

The fall is located in the village of Wadakada in the Kurungala District, Polgahawela Electorate. It can be seen from the Galge (stone house) at Kurungala

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Map of Wadakada Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Wadakada Ella Falls

Route from Colombo to Wadakada Ella Falls

Through : Ja-Ela – Minuwangoda – Divulapitiya – Giriulla – Narammala – Wadakada
Distance : 92 km
Travel time : 2.5  hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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