Awariyawala Ambalama – ඇවරියවල අම්බලම

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Awariyawala Ambalama
Awariyawala Ambalama

Ambalama is way side rests in Sri Lanka built during ancient times by kings, the wealthy or some times by the villagers on main routes between towns. When the primary mode of transportation was on foot, wearied travelers spent nights these Ambalamas.  Sometimes these Ambalama’s were used as meeting place of the village where important decisions were discussed and made.

Awariyawala Ambalama lies in the Gampaha District and is believed to be built by king Wattagamini Abaya aka king Walagamba (89-77 BC). The ambalama lies in a picturesque landscape on a flat rock adjoining a small pond. It is believed that this pond and the building was used by a wife of the king Walagamba for bathing.

It is said that the wife lost her Hawariya ( artificial hair extension) at the pond and the pond came to be known as Hawariya Wala which later became Awariyawala.

Alternate Spellings : Avariyawala Ambalama, Averiyawala Ambalama, Aweriyawala Ambalama

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Map of Awariyawala Ambalama

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Awariyawala Ambalama Video

An informative video by NadeGura Conservation Society

Driving Directions to Awariyawala Ambalama

Route from Matale to Awariyawala Ambalama

Though : Kadawatha – Miriswatte – Yakkala
distance : 37 km
Travel time : 1.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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