Yatikandura Bogoda Purana Tampita Viharaya

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Bogoda Tampita Viharaya lies between Kurunegala and Wariyapola, adjoining the ruined Bogoda wewa 13.5 km away from Kurunegala town.

Tampita Vihara was a popular architectural feature during the Kandyan kingdom where the temple was built on a platform which was held on an array of pillars, mostly stone.

Tampita Viharaya at Bogoda is built on 12 stone pillars 84 centimeters high.  A verandah runs around the image house. It is 1.25 centimeters wide at front, 36 cm wide on sides and 41 cm wide at the rear. The image house is 3.38×2.57 meters in size and the building is 5.08×3.43 meters in size. 21 wooden pillars rising from the wood platform support the roof. A high roof mandapa has been built infront of the Tampita Viharaya. Access to the viharaya is through the Mandapa.

Few wooden steps brings you to the front of the verandah. This is surrounded by beautifully crafted wooden pillars. The inner pillars are complete with finely carved wooden pillar heads. Generally the end of the pillar heads are carved with floral designs. However the pillar heads of this Tampita Viharaya is carved with human heads facing downwards.

The entrance to the inner chamber is through a bulky wooden door frame. The whole door frame is carved with floral designs, creeper designs and ‘pala pethi’ designs. Two guardian deities carrying swards stand beside the door.

A seated Buddha Statue sits facing the door of the image house. The statue is surrounded by a painting of a horse shoe shaped halo using a flame design typically found on temples of Kandyan era. Paintings of Sun and the moon is seen at the top of the wall. Two statues of deities Vishnu (Upuluwan) and Saman are seen beside the Buddha statue. Two statues of Buddha in the standing posture can be found on the side walls. These statues too are covered with the typical horse shoe shaped halo using a flame design head to feet. A painting of a king possibly the benefactor can also be seen inside the chamber. The rest of the walls are covered in floral designs and paintings of priests.


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Travel Directions to Yatikandura Bogoda Purana Tampita Viharaya

From Kurunegala to Yatikandura Bogoda Purana Tampita Viharaya
Though : Ibbagamuwa
Distance : 13.5 km
Travel time : 30 mins
Time to Spend : about 30  minutes
Driving directions : see on Google Map

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