Newgala Lion Engraved Rock (නැව්ගල සිංහ රූපය සහිත ගල)

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As you travel on the Ampara road from Moaragala through Siyambalanduwa just before Govinda Hela Rocks (Westminister Abbey), close to the 6th mile post there is a road to the right which goes through the remote Newgala village. Here lies  a rather unknown rock bed called Newgala next to a small water reservoir  where a outline of a Lion is engraved.

The name Newgala translates to ‘Ship Rock’, a rather unusual name for for a rock so faraway from any sea. Forklore states that this mystic rock hides gold weighing a ship underneath and thus the name name ‘Newgala’ has been given to this rock and later to the village.

The engraving itself is about 3 feet long and 1.5 feet tall.

From the 6th mile post on the Siyambalanduwa – Wadinagala road also called ‘Kanda uda panguwa’ , you need to take the Kongaspitiya road to the right. From the village of Newgala take the by road near the school and you need to travel few kilometers on this road to reach the location. Its best to get directions from a villager to this rock.

Little away from Newgala lies ruins of a ancient Pattini Devale. According to ‘Souvenirs of a Forgotten Heritage’ by Mr. Gamini Punchihewa this has been a fully functional devale at one time. Now only few rocks pilled together and two “yanthra gal (also called Nidan gal since the cavities of the rock was filled with various valuables and kept under statues)  can be seen at this location. More ruins are said to be found at the nearby hills surrounding this place.

Photos and information : curtsy of Dr Ashan Geeganage

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Map of Newgala Lion Engraved Rock

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Travel Directions to Newgala Lion Engraved Rock

Route from Siyambalanduwa Junction to  Newgala Lion Engraved Rock
Through :
Distance : 15   km
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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