Putuhapuwa Ambalama in Teldeniya – තෙල්දෙනිය පුටුහපුව අම්බලම

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Putuhapuwa is a small town in the Teldeniya area with a junction which connects five roads. The Ambalama at Putuhapuwa lies on this junction  on a platform which is over 4 feet high. This wayside rest in believed to be built in ancient times for the traveler of the old Kandy – Mahiyangana road.

The pillars of the ambalama is built with granite blocks. 10 such pillars consists the outer square and the inner square consists of 4 pillars. The roof is designed at 2 angles in a  double pitched hip roof style, a popular ambalama style in the Kandyan Era. In addition an overlaid hip can be seen above the entrance of the ambalama. The top part of the roof is covered by calicut clay tiles (Rata Ulu)  and the lower part of the roof is covered with semi cylindrical clay tiles (Sinhala Ulu). The short wall around the structure also serves as benches for the visitor.

The ambalama was delipadated with the part of the roof and and walls caved in until beginning of 2017. The Archaeology department has now carried out a complete restoration of this ambalama while maintaining its ancient design features.

To reach the ambalama travel to Teldeniya and take the Warapitiya Road. Traveling 4 km on this route will bring you to the Putuhapuwa Junction.

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Map of Teldeniya Putuhapuwa Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Teldeniya Putuhapuwa Ambalama

Route from Kandy to  Teldeniya Putuhapuwa Ambalama
Distance : 27 km
Through : Kengalla – Oruthota – Madapola – Theldeniya – Warapitiya Road
Travel time :1 hour
Time to Spent : 15-30   mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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