Galpoththawa Ella Fall – ගල්පොත්තාව ඇල්ල

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Galpottawa Ella Falls
Galpottawa Ella Falls – source :
Height :6 meters
District :Ratnapura

Galpoththawa Falls is 06m high and in rainy season the entire rock ledge is shrouded in mist from the spray. During Sri Pada pilgrimage season, devotees come to bathe in the shallow pool at its base. The water eventually flows into the Kalu Ganga River.

Take the road from Ratnapura to Siripadagama, passing Sri Palabadda village. Take the road towards Sri Pada Mountain for 3km to the village of Udapavanella. There is a shop at the edge of a tea estate, both of which are owned by Mr Siripala – go through this estate to reach the fall.


The Marker on the Google Map below shows an approximate area in Sri Palabaddala. See Directions.

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Map of  Galpoththawa Ella Fall

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Travel Directions to Galpoththawa Ella Fall

Access to the Galpoththawa Fall requires to hike about 1.5 km through tea estates and through rough terrain. You will need a local guide to locate this fall.  From a trip report

” ………we headed towards palabaddala and travelled about 6km towards udapawanella. At udapawanella we got to know that both pankandura and galpoththawa are actually cascades created by the same river which the locals call “minee ella”. Also we met a guide who agreed to take us to the falls warning beforehand that it’s going to be a dangerous one. After coming so close we weren’t in the mood to give up. The final 1 1/2km trek to “minee ella” is on foot where one has to climb up the footpath through a tea estate until you come across some line homes.

Keep to the right side of the line homes and walk further along until you descend to a stream. Galpoththawa Ella will be visible upstream to the left when you come across the river.”

full report can be read here

Route from Ratnapura to Galpoththawa Ella Fall (upto Palabaddala)

Through : Malwala
Distance : 25 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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