Habaraduwa Meepe Ambalama – හබරාදූව මීපේ අම්බලම

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Meepe Keselkaduwa Temple

Abandoned Meepe Keselkaduwa Temple –
image source : Rivira Online

Meepe Ambalama, the 300 year old travellers’ rest at Meepe in Habaraduwa, has been left to the mercy of the elements without any attention being paid to it by the government or connoisseurs of ancient buildings and antiquities.

The historic Meepe Ambalama that should be protected as a national monument is today covered with the shrub jungle. The residents of the area request the Habaraduwa Pradeshiya Sabha to conserve this historic building for the posterity.

Daily Mirror
By Nimal Alagewatta

Meepe Ambalama lies on the Waguressa rock in the Meepe paddy fields This was Declared as a protected archaeological monument on 22 July 2011.

Recently in 2013 an 200 year old abounded temple was re discovered on the mountain top near this Ambalama. The site has been covered in thick jungle for atleast the last 50 years.  The temple has been built by a donor called Jayasundara from Pilana, Habaraduwa about 200 years ago and has been called Keselkaduwa Viharaya.

For an unknown reason this temple has been abundened and today only the stupa remains in a reconable condition. All 0ther buildings have been destroyed by the natures forces. But even the stupa has not been able to escape the treasure hunters.

There has been about 200 stone steps leading to the temple but most of these too have been removed by the treasure hunters.

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Map of Meepe Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Meepe Ambalama

Route from Galle to Meepe Ambalama

distance :10 km
Travel time : 30 minutes
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